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What We do


Emergency Financial Assistance

Unexpected things happen. A hospital visit, a leaky roof, sudden job loss, death of breadwinner. These are just some of the emergencies that can push a person teetering on the edge of homeless completely over the edge. 

In 2018 RAM provided $206,991 that helped 4,676 carefully screened people who had received cut off notices for utilities; eviction notices for their homes or needed life-saving medication that they could not afford.  This included 1,887 children who were provided with a continuing safe home.

RAM House Day Shelter

Since 1987, the RAM House Day Shelter has provided refuge from the elements and a place of comfort, acceptance and support for those most in need. We recognize the need for support during some of life's most trying times.

In 2018 Ram House Day Shelter provided a safe place for 2,640 people (unduplicated) who are homeless or poverty-stricken to escape the elements and the harsh realities of living on the streets.

Hot Noontime Meal

One in five children go hungry part of every month. Hunger can affect health, quality of life, and leave a person unable to face daily challenges. We serve a nutritious lunch, every day, to anyone who has need.

Employment Program

In 20018, 79 clients were assisted in collecting birth certificates and other documentation to help them get a state ID, the first step in accessing the resources needed to gain employment and get off the streets.  Those who became employed were helped with transportation to work until they received their first paycheck as well as work clothes, shoes/boots, tools, etc.

Clothes closet - RAM House has a clothes closet which is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays to provide for the needs of our guests. Those going out for job interviews can also get appropriate clothing.

Jobs - Many of our guests come to us without any identification. RAM helps our guests to gather the information needed for a state ID and assists in the process of obtaining an ID, which enables guests to apply for needed services at other agencies and to apply for jobs. For those who obtain employment, RAM helps with clothing and equipment needed for the job, as well as bus passes, if needed,  to help clients get to and from their jobs until they receive a pay check.

Laundry - Our homeless guests must carry all of their possessions with them and do not have the opportunity or resources to keep their clothes clean. RAM House provides  laundry facilities for our guests to do their laundry. Detergent is provided.


824 Campbell Ave SW - Roanoke, VA 24016 - (540)345-8850

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